Maes Maten Dag Jour des Potes Maes

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Maes Maten Dag l Jour des Potes Maes
The brief —

The brief by Alken-Maes was simple: making the International Day of Friendship (30/07) an official holiday. To make this possible they organized a ‘Mates Day petition’. To collect the autographs, they called on us to encourage as many people as possible to share and sign the petition.

What we did —

We teamed up with 10 celeb influencers to make July 30th an official holiday: Maes Matendag or Jour des Potes Maes.

We organized two pub crawls, one in Ostend and one in Brussels, during which the influencers could easily engage with the audience. The influencers challenged people to do ‘Coaster challenges’ with them. The challenges were especially designed for this campaign and could be played with branded Maes beer coasters.

Apart from these two peak moments, we sent the influencers to different Maes events during the summer: Q-Beach House, Pukkelpop and several football games.

In the end 24.733 mates signed the Mates Day petition.

Maes Maten Dag l Jour des Potes Maes
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